Missionaries we  support


Emanuel and Helen Digap

Missionaries to the Cambodia

Email: emanueldigap@yahoo.com

Phone: (901) 692-3471


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Zach and Cassandra Foust

Missionaries to the Peru

Email: zach.foustjr@fbmi.org15


The Spencer Smith Family

Missionaries to the Kenya

Email: missionaryspencersmith@gmail.com

Twitter: @BroSpencer

The Dale Briley Family

Missionaries to Costa Rica


Email: dalebriley5@hotmail.com

Roger and Sandra Monasmith

Missionaries to Australia

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The Mowery Family

Missionaries to Spain

Email: preacher@levante.com15

George and Barbara Zarris

Christian Radio International

Email: georgeazarris@yahoo.com


The Wynne Family

Missionaries to Mexico

Email: joedwynne@yahoo.com

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The Simon Jacob Family

Missionaries to Pakistan

Email: thejacobs2pakistan@yahoo.com

Ruth King

Missionaries to Japan


Email: ruthjapan@gmail.com

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Darrell and Buffy Ratcliff

Missionaries to Mexico


Email: ratcliffsformexico@yahoo.com


Jesse and Glenna Parnell

Missionaries to Uruguay


Email: jparnell@netgate.com.uy

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Ryan David

Missionary to the Philippines


Christine Strong

Missionary to Mexico

Email: arlandstrong@hotmail.com